School’s a sustainable star

Environment Minister Steve Dimopoulos visited Newham Primary School to present the five star certificate (supplied).

Newham Primary School has been recognised as a sustainability champion, achieving the highest level of certification through Victoria’s ResourceSmart Schools program.

Environment Minister Steve Dimopoulos visited the school on October 27, and presented the teachers and students with a five star certificate.

Mr Dimopoulos said the whole school community at can be very proud of its considerable achievements to reduce waste, save water and protect our environment.

“Victoria [has]… strong renewable energy targets that will create a more climate-resilient and prosperous future for the next generation,” he said.

“The work happening in schools like Newham Primary is having a real impact on meeting these targets.

“Newham Primary School has set a terrific example on the part we can all play to protect our environment by taking action in our homes, schools and local communities.”

Since joining the ResourceSmart School program in 2014, Newham has been one of the program’s longest standing active schools.

The school has achieved reductions in the energy use by 92,000 kilowatts, reduced emissions by 96 tonnes of carbon, and planted over 1000 trees.

This work has helped to boost biodiversity along the banks of Deep Creek tributary, creating a nature corridor for wildlife that connects with the Cobaw Biolink.

Since 2008, the ResourceSmart Schools program has assisted more than 1400 schools to save 1.8 million kilolitres of water, divert 194,000 cubic metres of waste from landfill and abate 118,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Through the program, participating schools have saved a total of $41 million on school operations bills.