Recognising valuable volunteers

Sunbury Ladies Badminton members Anna Zocco, Heather Owen-Grubb, Sabina Choi and Cheryl Ward. (Damjan Janevski) 333384_01

Zoe Moffatt

Sunbury Ladies Badminton Club (SLBC) has recently had the pleasure of adding two new community and award boards to the walls of Eric Boardman Stadium.

The new boards were developed to recognise the valued volunteer committee members who have contributed to the clubs success since its incorporation 24 years ago.

While the finalisation of the boards has taken five years of tireless work, club secretary Cathie Briggs said thankfully the local signage business was able to finalise and quickly install the boards.

“While the committee members board lists the names of volunteers who held key committee positions over the years, the input of many unofficial members has also been recognised,” Ms Briggs said.

“We acknowledge and greatly value the support of our members and will continue to do so.”

The awards board includes award recipients of the Eleanor Dixon Award and the perpetual Rhonda Brennan award. Last year the club decided to name its bi-annual tournament the ‘Eleanor Dixon SLBC Tournament’ instead of the award.

Ms Briggs said the club is striving to recruit new members and hope to see the numbers increase in the coming months.

“Sunbury Ladies Badminton Club are so proud of our achievements to date and hope to be able to continue our successes both on and off the court.

“We continue to be one of the most affordable sporting activities available, providing low-cost day time badminton for women of all ages and abilities. We also provide safe supervision of pre-school children.”