Empowering kindness in Kyneton

The Kindness Collective Kyneton runs an op shop, food bank, soup kitchen, drop in space and crisis relief (supplied).

Zoe Moffatt

A community not-for-profit based association in Kyneton is seeking volunteers to help out in its op shop, food bank and soup kitchen.

The Kindness Collective Kyneton has been in operation for about 10 years, and has recently seen a spike in people accessing its services, which also includes a drop in space and crisis relief.

Business development manager Hugh Vardon said they have recently had about 650 households access the services.

“We’re seeing a large increase in our foodbank and the whole demographic is changing, it’s not just your older residents or single families,” he said.

“We have young professionals in mortgage stress, we have young families struggling with the cost of living.

“We want to be there for these people and support them… so we are now growing and trying to make this food bank a state of the art food bank.”

Mr Vardon said the food bank has been going through a transformation of its own, with a focus to include protein-rich fresh produce such as eggs, milk and chicken.

This was kick-started when Mr Vardon went for a browse through the shelves to see what he could get to make his own children a healthy meal.

“We’re not the traditional food bank, you come in like a supermarket and shop [for what you want].

“We are not only trying to give [people] food, but good food to empower them to eat healthy. We are there to give people things to fill their bellies, but fill their bellies with good stuff.”

Mr Vardon said anyone with six hours or more hours to spare can volunteer, or anyone who can help pick up food. Anyone interested can contact: julie.d@tkc.org.au or hugh.v@tkc.org.au.