Pool school just for bubs

A new swim school for babies is making a splash about town in Sunbury.

More than 100 youngsters have enrolled at the first specialty early years learn-to-swim centre in the area since it opened last week.

JUMP! Swim Schools’ owners, childhood friends Fatih Binyazar and Emre Gul, said they’d pinpointed a need for more children’s swimming schools in the fast-growing town.

“Sunbury is such a tight-knit, friendly place with a proudly distinct identity, where people really take care of each other,” Mr Binyazar said. The father-of-two said he had witnessed first-hand the struggles his girls and other parents faced in other busy swimming facilities.

“There were just so many other activities distracting my girls from learning. It was a dirty and overused, impersonal environment, without family change rooms.

“The [JUMP] swimming teachers specialise in teaching babies from three months of age, and just two classes are run simultaneously, with numbers capped at six per class for babies and four per class for independent swimmers.”

JUMP! Swim School is at 20 Kurrle Road, Sunbury.