Police crackdown on warrants


By Jessica Micallef

Hume Police Inspector Anthony Brown is calling on people who may have an outstanding warrant to come forward to police.

Inspector Brown said police are trying to execute as many outstanding warrants as possible across Hume.

“We are rostering available units to attend people’s addresses and try and locate them,” he said.

“The majority of these warrants will be re-bailed to a court date in the future. It’s a matter of getting the people to deal with them.

“Sometimes people are hard to find and deliberately avoid the police … we want people to come forward and get their matters dealt with.”

Inspector Brown said there were a number of outstanding warrants across Hume, with the majority of warrants relating to individuals failing to appear at court deliberately or accidentally.

“There are always outstanding warrants. It’s a bit of a churn,” he said.

“We execute some and there is more issued by the courts for different reasons.

“From my perspective, once they do fail to appear at court, they tend to get worried about what to do.

“I’d always advise them to seek legal advice in most circumstances and then encourage them to come forward and deal with the matters so they are not placing themselves at risk of being detained overnight or arrested by a random check.

“At least this gives them the opportunity to control the timing.”

Inspector Brown said individuals would know if they have an outstanding warrant if they have been summoned to court and have not appeared.

He is encouraging anyone who may have an outstanding warrant or suspect they have one, to contact their local police station and arrange to meet police in person to deal with the matter.

“In the majority of cases this will simply mean handing yourself into the station and being bailed to a date in the future,” he said.