Night shelter committee spreads the warmth

Pic of volunteers (L-R): Narelle Riley; Dianne Moon; and Chris Prosser. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 208499_02

Jessica Micallef

Sunbury Winter Night Shelter committee members are showing their appreciation to volunteers with a smile and a wave.

The three-month shelter initiative provided homeless people with a place to sleep in local churches from June to August last year.

The shelter’s project co-ordinator Chris Morgan-Prosser is saying ‘thank you’ to the 200 volunteers who helped out during last year’s shelter – just in time for National Volunteer Week.

“In Sunbury alone, there are so many things that are run by regular people who just volunteer their time and don’t expect a thank you.

“But it would be lovely if it was acknowledged that they donate their time and effort to making other people’s lives a little bit more comfortable.”

“We are showing our appreciation by … doing a drawing with a waving hand and a smiley face and by putting something on our website.”

The Sunbury Winter Night Shelter is “100 per cent” organised by volunteers who dedicated their time to cooking meals and providing those who may be doing it tough with some fellowship.

“The richness they give in their time equates to so much,” Ms Morgan-Prosser said.

“It shows people that you care about the community you live in and the people you live near.”

This year’s Sunbury Winter Night Shelter won’t be able to go ahead because of COVID-19 restrictions. However, the committee is asking for donations through the Red Shield Appeal to help those in need. All money raised goes towards supporting the shelter.

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National Volunteer Week is from May 18 to May 24.

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