More carparks promised

By Esther Lauaki

Carparking is high on the agenda for Sunbury politicians as state electioneering ramps up.

Residents have welcomed a series of recent announcements from the state government and the opposition about one of Sunbury’s biggest issues.

The latest came last week from Liberal candidate Cassandra Marr, who pledged investment of $1 million towards a multi-level carpark in the centre of town under a state coalition government.

“I have knocked on doors and spoken with residents and everyone tells me that car parking is one of the biggest issues facing the liveability of Sunbury,” Ms Marr said.

“Sunbury desperately needs more car parking to keep locals shopping locally.”

Sunbury Residents Association president Peter Free welcomed the announcement.

“While this is a fantastic promise, it is an election promise so will depend on the outcome of the state election in November,” Mr Free said.

In April, Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan announced more than 300 new carparking spaces were on the way for Sunbury station next year.

She said the exact location of the carparks and the role that stakeholders and Hume council would play in its regulation was being finalised and the project would be funded in the 2018-19 state budget.