Kirra a real life saver

Kirra Walker Pic Dennis Manktelow

By Esther Lauaki

Kirra Walker helped four people in life-threatening situations within 48 hours of receiving first aid training.

Over two dramatic days earlier this year, the Romsey 19-year-old performed CPR on her best friend while waiting for an ambulance and used her skills to help two women who had seizures in different incidents.

In the same week, she also helped a woman who was in shock after a car accident.

Ms Walker was last week nominated for a St John Ambulance First Aid Champion award, honouring Victorians who use their first aid skills and knowledge to impact lives.

She took the first aid course as part of her work as an education support worker for people with disabilities – but never expected to be using those skills so soon.

Of all of the incidents, Ms Walker said performing CPR on her friend was the most “terrifying”.

“He was clomped on the back of the head and mugged while walking home,” Ms Walker said.

“There was a golf ball-sized bump on the back on his head so I treated it as a concussion and tried to keep him awake.

“About 3am he passed out … so I put him in the recovery position on the couch but he wasn’t reacting and his breathing slowed and became irregular.

“I was stressing, I slapped him a couple of times then I remembered, the first rule of first aid is don’t panic.

“It was the most terrifying experience of my life.”

Nominations for the St John Ambulance First Aid Champion awards close on August 22.