Meet the Sunbury Grinch

Luke Perks enjoys the challenge of stepping into the role of the Grinch over the holidays period. (Supplied)

The children of Sunbury have another reason to cheer and scream this festive season, with the return of the infamous Sunbury Grinch.

This year Luke Perks will don the green get-up once again as part of his family-owned enterprise LTP Live Entertainment.

Having grown up as an avid watcher of the circus and theatre, Mr Perks said it is a pleasure stepping into the role over the Christmas period.

“It’s therapeutic more than anything, he’s not such an elegant character,” he said.

“It’s one of the more fun roles to do. He’s not so commercial and he gets away with a little more. He’s a bit mean, but loveable at the same time.”

With his lime green appearance and reputation for revenge-taking, Mr Perks said sightings of the Sunbury Grinch can create a mixture of reactions.

“It’s one of two ways, either the children are absolutely scared out of their minds,or they absolutely love it. Often we find the parents are asking us to scare their kids,” he said.

“The main goal for us always is to bring some joy, if we can take them out of their world, that’s what we want to achieve.

“And we never break character, that’s our rule.”

Mr Perks said the Sunbury Grinch will be doing meet and greets every day in the week leading up to Christmas, and will also be popping up at venues across Sunbury.


Oliver Lees