A bin with vision

The team of Killara Primary School students behind the 'Smart Bin System'. (Supplied)

Killara Primary School has taken out a top sustainability prize for brainstorming a new way to reduce food waste.

Pupils from the Sunbury-based school were awarded a food waste reduction strategy as part of six-week Future Resources program.

Killara scored a total of 50 out of 60 for their pitch of a ‘Smart Bin System’.

The idea includes connected consumers to their food purchases, with an app that allows you to scan each edible item you purchase from the store.

The app provides directions for how to use and dispose of the item directly.

When a food item is close to its expiration date, the app will prompt recipes on how to use it before it becomes waste.

The smart bins, which come with solar panels, also include mechanisms to crush or dice the food items.

Killara Primary School teacher Kelli Brogan said she was glad to see her pupils embrace the challenge so enthusiastically.

It was amazing to see how the program brought their creativity to life, and that if we put our heads together, it’s possible to find some really interesting solutions to some tough challenges,” she said.

“The program enabled us to enhance the learning experience for our students, providing interactive and engaging content in line with the curriculum.”

Details: bit.ly/3xv9l8B

Oliver Lees