Keeping Nepal in focus

Screenings organised by a Woodend filmmaker, who worked with Sir Edmund Hillary, have helped raise almost $35,000 to rebuild classrooms at an impoverished school in Nepal.

Michael Dillon (pictured) flew out of Nepal four days before a massive earthquake on April 25. He says he has been amazed by the generosity flowing from screening of his award-winning documentary, Everest Sea to Summit in Woodend, Kyneton, Trentham and Sydney.

‘‘It hasn’t just been the price of admission. Many people have felt the need to give more.’’

Mr Dillon, a regular visitor to the Himalayas for 40 years, says the 7.8-magnitude quake has dramatically affected millions. “There are lots of tarpaulins up, and that causes more problems. So many people have been displaced.’’

Mr Dillon, a founding director of the Australian Himalayan Foundation, says two blocks of three classrooms in Himaganga will be built once the monsoon season ends in September. ‘‘They are eager to have the school back up and running.’’

Himaganga fund
Australian Himalayan Foundation