First snow to settle on Mount Macedon

The first snow to settle on Mount Macedon in 2023 (supplied).

Mount Macedon was dusted with snow on Monday, June 19, and a local snowcam captured the first flurry to settle for the year.

Local cafe, Top of the Range, captured the snow falling in the early hours on Monday and live streamed the snow melting throughout the day.

Cafe owner Luke Chapman said the snow was on the ground by about 6am and it did not continue to snow.

“We’ve had some flurries in May but it’s the first [snow] that’s settled,” Mr Chapman said.

“I’ve lived here all my life… [and] we mainly get snow in July, that’s the good snow.”

Mr Chapman said the cafe has had the snowcam for about eight years, and he will live stream the feed when it snows.

“People love hearing about snow,” he said.

“I think we’ve got about 3000 people on the mailing list… We get thousands of hits on a snow day.

“Because of the live camera, people can decide if they want to make the drive up, and then they aren’t disappointed.

Mr Chapman said the busiest times for people to visit the mount when it’s snowing is the school holidays and the weekends.

“If it was snowing on school holidays or the weekend… it would be packed, but being a Monday it’s not as busy.

“Usually we don’t have a chance [to be in the snow], we’re in here selling hot chocolate, but when we get a chance we go out and make snowmans and take pictures.”


Zoe Moffatt