Celebrating 25 years

Sunbury Red Cross Shop volunteers (L-R) Linda Sait, Maureen Riley, Michelle Lyhnam, Dung Ngo and Bev Stehn (Damjan Janevski). 375519_01

Zoe Moffatt

As the end of another year rolls around, volunteers from the Sunbury Red Cross Shop have been celebrating the shop’s 25th birthday.

From second hand boots to blazers and everything in between, volunteers have witnessed the positive impact the shop has had on the community and themselves, with many donating decades of their time.

One volunteer Maureen Riley has been at the shop for 15 years and said it has been a great experience.

“We go in, have a laugh, a joke, a cup of tea and we get to interact with the customers, we all just enjoy it,” she said.

“It’s just a good thing for the community and we get to help the community, there’s good camaraderie.

“One lady who still volunteers when she can, was here at the opening of the shop, 25 years ago. Another volunteer Linda Sait has been here volunteering for 18 years.”

To celebrate the milestone, which occurred last month, the shop offered a 25 per cent discount last week, and all the volunteers will be gathering in the middle of December for a morning tea.

Ms Riley said the shop operates differently to other op shops, with a loyalty program and a rack of brand new clothes straight from businesses and retail stores.

“Our Red Cross shops are different from the ordinary op shop, we raise money for the Red Cross… [and] for them to do all their work.

“The shop also has brand new clothes… which still have the tag on… It is really popular with customers.

“We still do take donations as well and we have used clothes coming in from our warehouse.”

With Christmas just around the corner, Ms Riley encouraged anyone looking for some gift ideas to come in and have a look.

The shop is located at 80 O’shanassy Street, Sunbury.