Brody’s brave battle continues

Brody Hourigan wants to do what “normal” teens do – get his licence, go out with friends and work.

The Sunbury 18-year-old hasn’t been able to experience those things because he’s been battling Ewing’s sarcoma for the past decade.

Brody was first diagnosed with the rare form of bone cancer at age eight and fought another bout at age 13.

He received devastating news recently that the cancer has returned for a third time.

Brody’s family, led by his cousin Tayla Carrillo, set up an online crowdfunding campaign which has raised more than $2000 in the past week towards renovations of his room and medical bills.

“Brody has been through difficulties most people would struggle to even fathom,” Ms Carrillo said. “And yet he is the most charismatic and inspirational person you could ever hope to meet.

“He hasn’t let anything hold him back.”

He worked part-time at the local Woolworths until his most recent hospital admission.

His mum Tracey told Star Weekly that Brody hasn’t been able to live his life like an average 18-year-old. “He has a very rare cancer, normally found in young adults, and at eight years old it was found in his pelvis,” Ms Hourigan said. “He’s had his right hip bone removed, then the cancer returned in his left lung the second time and surgery removed that tumour … now it’s back in the same place but it has also spread to the right lung.”

She said Brody wants to fight cancer to the end and is staying positive.

“He will be going down a very hard road with chemo again and our last option, if this doesn’t work, is stem cell treatment,” Ms Hourigan said. “We want to be able to help him achieve all of his dreams. Brody just keeps saying, ‘Third time’s a charm’.”