Riddells Creek embraces individuality and diversity


Fostering a sense of belonging and connection, reflecting the school’s values of Caring, Respect, Integrity and Safety is a cornerstone of Riddells Creek’s ethos.

Community engagement is fundamental at Riddells Creek, with strong connections nurtured within our tight-knit community, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

We prioritise academic excellence in an innovative and inclusive manner, embracing individuality and honouring diversity within our school community. Teaching Auslan and engaging with the deaf community are integral aspects of our educational approach. Our Respectful Relationships program explicitly teaches the skills needed to cultivate healthy connections, navigate challenges, and develop problem-solving abilities, fostering resilience and confidence. Our younger students are introduced to ‘Kimochis’ where they learn to identify and express their feelings.

Our expansive campus provides ample opportunities for students to participate in diverse activities, utilising both indoor and outdoor spaces for learning and recreation. The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, offered to Grade 3 and 4 students, provides a dynamic outdoor learning environment that fosters positive experiences and imparts valuable life skills such as environmental awareness and healthy eating habits.

Drawing upon the latest research, we implement evidence-based approaches, such as structured synthetic phonics, to ensure our students receive a strong foundation in reading and writing. Our hands-on approach to mathematics education fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

We offer a wide array of sporting opportunities, including participation in school, district, and regional events, complemented by a comprehensive physical education program promoting healthy lifestyles. Specialised subjects such as STEM, visual, and performing arts cater to diverse learning needs and talents. Our biennial whole-school productions provide students with a platform to showcase their talents and shine in front of a large audience.

Leadership opportunities for Grade 6 students are highly sought-after, empowering them to effect positive change within the school community. Whether leading assemblies, conducting tours, or representing the school at events, our student leaders demonstrate exemplary conduct and dedication.

Community engagement lies at the heart of our philosophy and by nurturing our students and creating a positive learning environment, we strive to cater for each and everyindividual.

For more information on enrolment or school tours, please contact us at riddells.creek.ps@education.vic.gov.au