Meet Sunbury business owner Michelle Hower

Michelle Hower (Joe Mastroianni).

Michelle Hower has fond memories of growing up in Sunbury. So, when she started looking for somewhere to open a cafe, Sunbury immediately came to mind.


What is your connection to Sunbury?

My connection to Sunbury is my little shop –Mishie Madhatter Cafe at 103 Evans Arcade. I don’t live in the area any more but I lived in Sunbury when I was a little girl.


How long have you had a business in Sunbury?

I opened my shop just six weeks ago.


What makes Sunbury a good place to run a small business?

Sunbury is a great place to run a cafe because everyone in Sunbury loves their food. When I started looking to open my shop, Sunbury came up in my real estate searches and so I decided to come and have a look. It is a beautiful town.


What do you like about Sunbury?

The people here are so friendly!


What, if anything, would you change about Sunbury?

I think that Sunbury needs a lot more parking. The problem is that where my shop is located, there’s not much parking as I am in an alleyway. The main street is in front of me, but there aren’t many parking spaces out the front.


Where is your favourite local place to spend time?

I like to visit the park in Stawell Street and sit by the water fountain.