My Place: Deb Mitrevics

Riddells Creek mother of two Deb Mitrevics juggles two jobs and a string of voluntary roles, but she tells Matt Crossman that it’s not really a chore.


How long have you lived in Riddells Creek and what brought you to the area?

My family and I have lived in Riddell for 11 years. We shifted here from Melbourne’s north because we wanted to be part of a small community and be able to really get involved in things. The kids started at kinder and they’ve come through the school … so pretty much as soon as they started there we’ve been involved. As they’ve got older we’ve branched out into the sporting groups. We’ve sort of got a part in most things going on in Riddell.


Can you tell us a few of the things that keep you busy around town?

I work as an aide at Riddell primary school and I’ve also got a cleaning business. I’m also on the committee of the junior mixed basketball association. I just love it. Getting lists of what the kids need and working as a group towards a goal … it’s all making the community better.


You’ve got two kids … I guess volunteering in groups they’re involved in is a good way to also spend time with them?

It certainly is. It’s a great way to help them in something they’re interested in. And there’s always things going on that you can get involved in.


What would you say to people who want to get involved in the community but don’t know where to start or are worried about time?

Just start small. Come to one of the meetings and suss it out. There’s always something to be done. We need lots and lots of people doing the little things and then we get the end result. It’s much better for us to have a few chipping in than to have the same few people doing everything. And there’s so much on offer here … footy, cricket, tennis, karate, scouts … there’s something to suit all interests.


Is there a fair mix on the various committees in Riddell, in terms of people who grew up in the area and those who have moved recently?

There is. We’ve got a couple of basketball dads who’ve grown up in Riddell, they used to ride their horses down the street, and then there’s the fresh ones like us.


Where do you like to go for coffee and a bite to eat?

One of the basketball association’s sponsors is the Mocha Leaf cafe, so that’s a good one. We also used to go to Seasons a lot until it shut down … it will reopen with new owners in late March.