Program kicks goals

Delahey man Terry Charles credits the Sons of the West program with helping him through a tough time in his life, and he is encouraging more men to get involved.

Mr Charles, 51, a Western Bulldogs supporter his whole life, said he was at a low point several years ago as he struggled with depression and the effects of heavy medication.

He said it was Sons of the West, a free program for men focusing on healthy living and healthy lifestyles, that helped him out of a slump and gave him a leg-up.

Mr Charles is now an advocate for the program, which welcomes men aged 18 and over to get involved.

“Last year we even had an 85-year-old man with a broken leg join in the group – if he can do it, anyone can,” Mr Charles said.

“Get out there and do it. It’s a lifesaver.”

The program gives men important health prevention strategies and what they can do to be on top of their health. It will run at St Albans Community Centre in St Albans, every Wednesday from 7-9pm until May 16.

Brimbank mayor Margaret Giudice said the benefits of the program were proven, and had a positive impact on the western suburbs communities.

“Sons of the West doesn’t just give men a boost to their physical health,” Cr Giudice said. “Becoming part of a social group gives a sense of belonging which can do wonders for mental wellbeing.

“The group is welcoming for all men of all abilities. It is this inclusive spirit that makes me so proud Brimbank continues to deliver Sons of the West each season.”

Ewen McRae