Rowston becomes a Giant

Harry Rowston playing for the Calder Cannons. (AFL Photos)

Tara Murray

Harry Rowston was still confident that he would be heading to Greater Western Sydney in the AFL draft despite a surprise bid from Sydney.

Rowston, who has been part of the Giants academy due to living in rural New South Wales, had been told by the Giants that they would most likely match any bid from other clubs under the academy process.

But when the Swans bid on him at pick 16, it was a shock to everyone.

“It was unexpected to be honest,” he said. “No one at the Giants were expecting it.

“I was sitting at home and not paying attention as I didn’t think my name would pop up.

“I was confident they would match it. They said they would likely match it, no matter where the bid came.

“It was nice to know where I was going to pop up.”

Rowston said it was a dream come true to be on an AFL list and a couple of days after the draft it was starting to settle in.

The teenager has been connected to the Giants for more than five years as part of the academy.

He said that it had been a really good experience.

“I’ve been in the academy for five or six years and been around the club,” he said. “I know the club pretty well.

“They do a really good job with the academy. There’s a lot of Giants players who have gone through there.”

While Rowston is from New South Wales, he has spent much of the past years based in Victoria, going to school at Assumption College in Kilmore.

With Kilmore part of the Calder Cannons region, Rowston has also called the Calder Cannons home.

“I’ve been with them for long enough, it was nice to enjoy playing a few games with them,” he said.

“I trained with them for three years before I played any games. They let me come to training.

“After the last three years I felt like playing a few games was like paying them back. It was nice to play a few games late in the year.”

Rowston said he had hoped to play a few games for the Cannons earlier on, but it hadn’t worked out.

In fact, he actually played against the Cannons earlier this year.

“The Giants played in a few NAB League games,” he said. “It was very cool at the backend of the year to play for Cannons.

“In round one of the NAB League, the Giants played the Cannons. I went to training on the Thursday at the Cannons and then rolled up and played against them on the Saturday.

“It was a very weird week.”

Having been happy with his draft year, Rowston is keen to get to work at the Giants. He was set to get to the club on Thursday after making the eight hour drive.

“I want to get in and get started and meet everyone,” he said.

“I want to get on the training track and work hard. My goals are to play that first game and develop into a good footballer.’