Roar get another

Kevin Barker (Jacob Pattison)314678_10

One has turned into two for Sunbury in the Victorian Turf Cricket division 2 season.

On Saturday the Roar had its second win of the season, and its second win in a row against Newport- Digman at home.

Last week the Roar bowled the Bulls out for 167 from 66.4 overs, and then began batting on Saturday at 0-12.

The Roar was able to chase down the 167 in a convincing fashion, ending on 5-168 after just 50 overs.

Sunbury captain-coach Kevin Barker said he was happy with what his team produced.

“It was going to be a tricky chase on our wicket, it hasn’t really played consistently all year, we weren’t quite sure what they were going to get out of it,” he said.

“It was a pretty good performance to win by five wickets so we’re pretty happy.

“They’re a pretty good side, they had a really good spin bowling attack, so to do it five down, not scrapping towards a win eight or nine down, but to do it with basically your top order batsman getting it done, is a really good feeling.”

The top order batsmen who got the job done for the Roar, were opening batsman Gayan Welikalage, who finished on an unbeaten 41 from 127 deliveries, Indika Massalage who made 57, and Barker who was not-out on 53 when the winning runs were scored.

“Gayan’s innings was incredible, it was pretty hot, and it was a really uncomfortable heat,” Barker said… he batted the whole way through for a 41 not-out, it was an incredible innings.

“Massalage’s innings of 57 was just power, he just smashes the thing. Everybody knows how classy he is, he’s an incredible batter. He would’ve liked to have gone on and gotten an eighty or a ninety and finish the job himself but at the end of the day he got 57 and helped us win the game.”

On the weekend, the Roar are set to face bottom side Keilor Park in a two-day Saturday-Sunday clash at the Keilor Park Recreational Reserve.

“We just want to keep winning, it doesn’t matter who we play now,” Barker said.

“I’ve said it all along, we’re a good side, we just weren’t getting the wins and with each loss just made it that little bit harder to win. So now that we’ve got a taste of winning, hopefully we can just keep going.

“It’s a Saturday- Sunday game so the guys will have to prepare well. We’ll make sure we do that. Hopefully we can get another six points on the weekend, that would be a pretty good result.”