Riddell to regroup after loss

Riddell's Ellen Close and Macedon's Tarryn Mackie fight for the ball. Picture Shawn Smits.

An undermanned Riddell suffered its first loss of the Riddell District Netball League season losing to Macedon in the semi finals on Saturday.

Entering the game without two of their normal starting seven, the Bombers had to try and come up with solutions to cater the Cats who had their best line up on the court.

Despite those attempts, the Bombers fell short losing 37-34.

The Cats led at the quarter time by four goals, before the Bombers settled to lead 18-17 at half time.


It was the Cats’ second half, leading by three goals at three quarter time and extending that to six goals midway through the last quarter.

The Bombers hit back, but it was too late with the Cats too far ahead.

It isn’t all doom and gloom for the Bombers who still have a second chance to make the grand final.

They will play the winner of the Rupertswood and Lancefield semi final, in the preliminary final this Saturday.

Bombers coach Lauren Close said while the result wasn’t unexpected due to missing players, it was still disappointing.

Already knowing they would be missing Madison Caulfield, they were dealt a massive blow when star shooter Mikaela Vaughan didn’t take to the court.

“Mikaela hurt herself during the week and we didn’t want to risk it knowing we had a second chance,” Close said.

“Madi is in Bali and we knew that she would be at the start of the season.

“She will be back next week and hopefully Mikeala will have rested up and be right as well.”

Missing two of the side’s normal three shooters, the Bombers had to mix things up in the attacking end.

Unfortunately it didn’t work, with goal accuracy proving to be the difference.

“We switched Elyce Carlyle from defence to attack to give some height under the ring.

“It didn’t work so we brought on Ellen Close who came up from B-grade.

“She played about five games for us early in the season, but had to go back down due to games restrictions.

“I guess the difference between the sides was their goals dropped and ours didn’t. Our shooters had a bad day and that happens.”

Christine Harris scored 22 of the Bombers goals, but shot only at 62 per cent.

At the other end of the court Bec Colwell scored 36 of the Cats 37 goals.

“We knew we had our work cut out for us defending her,” Close said.

“I think we did a good job restricting her to 36 goals as she normally scores more.”

The Bombers know what they have to do to make the grand final.

“We only lost by three goals with two good players to come back into the side.

“That was Macedon’s best side.

“We need to keep our heads up and get back to what we did before we played Rupertswood late in the season.

“We need to work on our structures and focus on our own game.”