Libs promise Sunbury Kangaroos club upgrades

Sunbury's Jessica Dominko. Picture Shawn Smits.

By Esther Lauaki

Sunbury Kangaroos Football and Netball Club clubrooms could be in for a revamp thanks to a $500,000 election pledge.

Liberal candidate Cassandra Marr has promised that the clubrooms at Eric Boardman Reserve will receive an upgrade to cater for the newly formed women’s football team and existing female netball club.

Ms Marr said that with a high level of population growth in the Sunbury electorate, clubs desperately need redevelopments to keep up with membership demands.

“Sport brings local communities like Sunbury together,” she said.

“The Sunbury Kangaroos Football and Netball Club is home to approximately 1200 members and its growth is mirroring the skyrocketing popularity in women’s football and the population growth in Sunbury and surrounding communities.

“I have worked tirelessly with community leaders to deliver this funding and if I’m elected to represent Sunbury, I will keep working hard and keep delivering.”

Meanwhile, Hume council committed in its 2018-19 budget to spending $18 million over the next four years on upgrades to sporting grounds around the municipality including Eric Boardman Reserve.

Another $5.6 million investment will be made over the next six years in sports ground lighting upgrades, as part of the Outdoor Sports Lighting Plan.