Finalists decided

Tara Murray

The finalists for the Romsey Golf Club’s W.E Tom Shield have been decided.

After a wet week, the greens presented plenty of challenges on Saturday, as the teams of pairs lined up in the semi finals of the shield.

Both semi finals were closely fought.

In one semi final, Malcolm Mottram and Steven Wilkins got away early only to be caught with a great run of shots late from Ryan Davies and Simon Donovan as they came back and got the win.

In the other semi final, it was close all day with the scores level on the second last hole. Jim Patton was able to sink a long putt to get the win for him and Mick Squires over Anthony Lakey and Hugh Williams.

It means the final will be between Davies and Donovan and Patton and Squires.

In the par competition, most players had to fight to stay near their handicap.

Andrew Clement had a strong back nine to claim the win over Robert Slade and Scott Williams.

In the Wednesday competition, just four player braved the wet and foggy conditions, which left the last two holes very uncomfortable.

Darlene Baker and Robert Slade won against Wendy Gosden and Jenny Hartley in the Texas Ambrose format.