Ashfield want result looked at

What seemed a straightforward win for Ashfield over Bacchus Marsh has ended in controversy.

Ashfield has asked the Gisborne and District Cricket Association to investigate what went wrong in the only B-grade match to be played on Saturday.

Scores lodged afterwards had both teams on 187 runs, and the match outcome a draw.

This was despite Ashfield still having six balls left in its final innings, with seven wickets in hand.

Ashfield had thought the match was theirs, with the scoreboard showing them one run up when Jason King fell for 78.

Ashfield captain-coach Ryan Pretty was at the crease with King at the time. Pretty said he wanted to play out the final over, to ensure they had the win in case the scoreboard was wrong.

“On what ended up being the second last ball of the day, it came off my leg and we ran a leg bye,” Pretty said.

“We thought that was the winning run, and their captain was happy to go off and concede.

“I was under the impression you still played for bonus points, but was told by them that once you past the score, stumps are pulled.

“They asked the umpire how many balls were left in the over, which was one, and they decided to play out that over. Jas King then went out, and stumps were pulled.”

The two teams even shook hands on Ashfield’s win, but while the two scorebooks were being finalised, it was discovered they did not add up with each other, or the scoreboard.

Ashfield president Shane Woolley, who would have been the batsman to come in to face the final over, said he believed they should have gone back out and played the final over.

He said he and several other players suggested this to Bacchus Marsh several times after the game.

Bacchus Marsh president Darren Fowlie said one scorebook had the Bulls one run ahead while the other had them two runs ahead.

“It surprised me they waited until then to make sure the scores were balanced,” Fowlie said. “Both teams spent an hour discussing the result calmly before deciding on the draw and signing off.”

He said he thought the drawn result would stay as it was. Woolley said the association has been asked to investigate.

“It’s sad if the outcome of the game is a draw,” Woolley said. “There was six legitimate balls left and we wanted to go out and finish the match.

“We think it’s unfair that we leave without a win.”

Both clubs said it was a disappointing end to what had been a good game.

Association president Rob McIntyre said the players should have returned to the field.

“There was some confusion between the teams as to whether play should resume … in the end, both captains agreed to a tie,” he said.

“Under the laws of cricket, if it is found that there is a mistake with the scores after the players have left the field … then play should resume until there is either a result or the prescribed number of overs have been completed.”