Cats get team win

Ed Ferguson (Jacob Pattison)382206_01

Macedon is back on the winner’s list in the Gisborne and District Cricket Association season, defeating Diggers Rest Bulla Village in the McIntyre Cup.

The Cats won the toss and elected to bat on Saturday, and were able to put up a defendable score of 161 from their 45 overs.

“In the context of our season it was a huge result for us,” Cats’ captain coach Tim Berzins said.

“We knew we needed to win one to avoid staying in that bottom area and with the way results went yesterday it also leaves us only a game out of the top four, so in the context of the season it was a huge win.

“We thought 160 was above par on that ground, it was extremely slow, so the only way to hit fours was to go the aerial route and we knew that.

“Having runs on the board was always going to apply pressure on them. We were hoping for 140, 150 at the start of the day so getting 160 was a huge bonus.”

In setting the total no player was a significant stand out with eight of the nine batters reaching double digits and Ed Furgerson topping the run scorers with 36.

“It was an all round performance, we got off to a pretty good start and then we lost a couple of wickets at key times,” Berzins said.

“We then had young Ed Furgerson come on and make 36, and he’s really shown his worth over the last couple of weeks and showed what ability he does have, and he played another really mature innings and he was just helped out along the way by everyone chipping in so it was a pretty big team effort.”

It was more of the same with the ball, with five of the bowlers taking wickets, lead by Chris Ingleton taking four for 20.

“Everyone played their role, did their job,” Berzins said.

“We utilised the quicks early and then we know with the ball being as wet as what it was we really needed to bowl the slower bowlers towards the end and make it hard for them, and make them really try and hit out to try and get the runs, so we took the pace out of it at the end and everyone did their job.”

With still four games of the home and away season to go, Berzins said the goal for his side is simple.

“Our aim is to win as many games of cricket as possible, we said that at the start of the season, so we’ll continue playing our game,” he said.

“We’ve got a big game coming up this week against Gisborne, and we’re not going in there to participate, we’re going in there to see if we can give it a real shake up and take a big scalp and who knows what can happen from there.”

He said to win against the undefeated ladder leaders will take a strong team effort.

“It will just have to be an all round consistent performance again, and just stick to our team plan,” he said.

“We know what they are capable of, if one guy fails they’ve always got someone who could step up in that other position and that’s where we’re going to have to do the same.

“We’re all going to have to play at our best so we’re pretty excited about the challenge ahead.”