Burras off to slow start

Adam McDonald (Ljubica Vrankovic)

It’s been a tough start to the Gisborne and District Cricket Association season for the young Diggers Rest Bulla outfit.

While the Burras are winless from their first four matches, they have been close in three of the match ups.

“We’re a young side, still trying to find where we fit in, but as soon as we find that out I reckon we’ll start winning some games,” playing coach Darren Quarrell said.

“We’ve had some injuries as well.”

One of the main injuries to the Burras starting XI came to Quarrell, doing his hamstring which saw him miss both round three and four, however, made his return to bowling over the weekend against Romsey.

“It will be good to get back on,” he said before the match.

“It’s been pretty frustrating, on the sidelines going ‘I could have probably go this bloke out here’.

“But after not playing for five years, you sort of expect something like this.”

The Burras came as close as they have been to a victory this season last weekend against Rupertswood.

“The last game was a close one,” Quarrell said.

“A few of the guys stepped up and made some runs.

“Little Rodg [Daniel Rodger] got a four-fa which was pretty good to start the season and get a few wickets.

“He’s getting really, really, really better with his bowling from when I last saw him, he’s really improved, so he’s probably the one to watch this season, on the bowling side.”

Quarrell said to improve the team’s performance he is hoping for some more runs from his top order.

“If our openers, or top four gets a decent start we’ll start getting some better scores, and be more competitive,” he said.

“We’ve got the bowling attack.

“We’re just trying to find our lineup for the batting to see who will click being an opener or a middle order batsman.

“Because they pretty much didn’t get a sniff last year to know what the actual competition was, being in the Johnstone Shield last year.

“So it’s a huge, huge step for them.

“But as I keep telling them, it’s a good learning curve for them to know what they’re up against.”

The Burras played the undefeated Romsey over the weekend, in what was set to be a tough match. Speaking before the game Quarrell said he knew the key to making the match competitive.

“If we get Chris Burkett and Ben Way cheap they may struggle,” he said.