Basketball runs in Sunbury’s Theodore family

Brodie, Bethany, mum Kayelene, Felicity and Kayla Theodore were on court together for Sunbury. Photo: Tara Murray

The Theodore family has achieved a lot on the basketball court over the years.

But late last month they achieved one of their wildest dreams – Kayelene and her four daughters, Kayla, Brodie, Bethany and Felicity – stepped on to court together to play for Sunbury in the Melbourne Metropolitan Basketball League.

The feat was not only a first for the family but a first in the league’s 21-year history.

The league provides a pathway to the Big V competition, enabling players to play at a standard above domestic competition once they have retired.

Kayelene who now coaches more than she plays, said the chance for them to be on court together had not been planned.

“I always hoped I would get the opportunity to play with my girls, but on the night it was a bit unexpected,” Kayelene said.

“We were light-on in numbers and after a few unsuccessful calls to try and get some more players, I turned to the girls and said, OK, everyone in the car, I need all of you to play tonight.”

The girls, aged between 14 and 20, share their mother’s can-do attitude.

“It was pretty special to get to play with mum and my sisters,” second-eldest Brodie said.

“Basketball is something we all have in common and it’s something that brings us together as a family.”

Bethany, placed this match among her career highlights.

“Getting to hit the court with my mum and sisters was a whole new experience for me,” she said. “I’d never really thought about it before we all stepped out on the court, but I think it is a special moment we all now will share as a family.

“Basketball is such a major part of our lives. I’ve grown up playing and it was great to be able to share the moment with my mum and sisters, all of whom have influenced my game so much.”

Fourteen-year-old Felicity hopes the ‘Theodore Five’ will become a regular line-up.

“For me, it was a great experience to be able to play with my mum and sisters … [it]was a thrill and an experience I won’t forget.”

The basketball gene just doesn’t run only through the family’s female side. Dad David and brother Jordan are also involved in the sport.

Jordan, 12, plays with Melbourne United in the Victorian Junior Basketball League and David coaches the under-16 girls at Bulleen and has coached various Sunbury teams.