Zoo tales

Chris Humfrey. (J-Town/New Holland Publishers) 241885_01

Oliver Lees

Zoologist Chris Humfrey is sharing tales from his animal-filled life in the Macedon Ranges, in a new book set to be released later this month.

Intended for a young audience, Awesome Australian Animals will include stories from Humfrey’s life-long commitment to wildlife, from his appearances on television alongside Dr Chris Brown to the set up of his own Wild Action Zoo sanctuary in the Macedon Ranges.

With 45 minutes of video content accessible through the book’s QR codes, the book is designed to foster an understanding of Australia’s unique wildlife.

Humfrey said that it is particularly important that children appreciate Australian animals so they can be better looked after into the future.

“Hopefully this book will empower kids and their families to do something small and positive for nature in their backyards, properties or schools. Every little action makes a difference,” Humfrey said.

“I believe education is the key to conservation. That’s my mantra – getting kids involved with nature; immersing in it, understanding it, reading it.”

“Books are powerful and permanent – they stay with you, on your shelf, in your car, on the couch. I believe books are the best way to instil excitement and passion for nature in kids.”

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