Wonderful wishes for local author

Local author Kelly Louise Jarris is delighted to have released her children's book 'Wonderful Wishes'. (Damjan Janevski. 276062_02)

Elsie Lange

Riddells Creek author Kelly Louise Jarris describes having just released her children’s book, ‘Wonderful Wishes’, as a “dream come true”.

Which is fitting, since the story is all about where kids go when they sleep: into the magical world of dreams.

The rhyming book, illustrated by Rosy Sale, is the story of a little boy who travels through a series of wishes before bedtime.

“I think the kids really love to be able to go to bed, have a dream, and then discuss it the next day with their parents,” Ms Jarris said.

“That’s what my aim was, to originally be able to open up that conversation with kids as to what they’ve dreamt about – their imagination, creative thinking.

“I’m hoping it does all that for them,” she said.

The mum of four boys said it was their many excuses to avoid bedtime which made her want to write the book and help get kids tucked in.

That must have resonated, because she said it hit number one on Amazon in Australia and number three in the United Kingdom for best bedtime story.

“It’s just been positive, I’m overwhelmed by it all,” Ms Jarris said.

“A lot of the locals have bought it… they’re really grateful, I’ve had flowers when I’ve rocked up to their houses, pictures from their daughters and sons.”

She said she was especially grateful to Collins Booksellers Sunbury for supporting her latest release, and championing authors from the region.

“Michelle at the bookstore is just absolutely amazing and really supportive of local authors, I couldn’t thank her enough,” Ms Jarris said.

“I hope she realises just how she’s fulfilling local authors’ dreams.”

The prolific author’s next children’s book, ‘Imagine Our Special Place’, is set to be released in May.

Details: amzn.to/3KU0anM