Wonder in the stars above Woodend

A still from footage captured by Victoria Police's Air Wing (Victoria Police)

Elsie Lange

While Woodend slept, a fiery spark soared across its night sky.

On Wednesday, March 23 at 12.30am, Victoria Police’s Air Wing caught a glimpse of something out of this world: a meteorite or piece of space junk gliding through the air.

Inspector Kelly Walker from the Air Wing said crews were operating above Woodend when they spotted it.

“The skyshow lasted for more than a minute, to the delight of the pilot and crew,” Inspector Walker said.

“As police we see some unusual things but this was certainly one encounter our members will remember.

“It was extraordinary for them to witness and certainly a reminder that you never know quite what to expect as a police officer,” she said.

Footage captured by the Air Wing shows a sparkling, bright light racing through the dark, trailed by a shimmering tail.

Social media users expressed their joy at witnessing the video, posted to the Victoria Police Facebook page.

“I am an avid astronomy fan, and this is an excellent capture of a meteorite/space debris. Well done,” a commenter said.