Wet roads warning for Macedon Ranges motorists

Macedon Ranges motorists are being urged to drive to conditions, especially when travelling on wet, icy or unsealed roads.

Police and Macedon Ranges council have issued a winter warning with fog, slippery surfaces and poor driving a factor in too many collisions.

Council’s assets and operations director, Dale Thornton, said the condition of the shire’s 800 kilometres of unsealed roads could rapidly deteriorate during winter.

‘‘We regularly inspect unsealed roads, but wet weather can make roads, particularly unsealed surfaces, slippery very quickly,’’ Mr Thornton said. ‘‘We urge all drivers to slow down and drive to the conditions, especially when it’s wet, foggy or icy.

‘‘Wet and slippery surfaces mean that you can’t stop as quickly so it’s really important that you drive appropriately.’’

Macedon Ranges police highway patrol’s Sergeant Geoff Neil said while there had not been a large number of incidents recently, unsealed roads were not without their dangers.

‘‘People have to remember that unsealed roads are unstable,’’ he said.

Sergeant Neil said cold and wet conditions increased the general risk of rear-end and run-off-road collisions.

He said too many motorists continued to drive with a sense of entitlement.

‘‘Some people seem to think, I will do 100km/h because that’s what the speed limit is, regardless of the conditions,’’ Sergeant Neil said.

Motorists are being encouraged to obey temporary speed restrictions, leave more space between their car and the one in front, and turn on headlights to improve visibility.