Water leads to change in taste

By Jessica Micallef

Western Water customers in many Macedon Ranges towns may notice a slight change in their drinking water this month as the water supply reverts from a Melbourne system to the local supply.

In April, Western Water began transferring water from the Melbourne Water supply system into the Rosslynne Reservoir to help increase its capacity due to “dry periods”.

During this time, Gisborne, New Gisborne, Gisborne South, Riddells Creek, Macedon and Mount Macedon residents received their water from the Melbourne water supply system.

Lancefield, Woodend and Romsey residents received their water from a blend of local sources and the Melbourne water supply.

These towns will now have their water supplied from local reservoirs, including the Rosslynne Reservoir.

As of October 29, Rosslynne reservoir was at 26 per cent capacity, up from 17.5 per cent in April.

Western Water manager Graham Holt said the water transfers are designed to “bank” water to ensure supply to the region during summer.

“Having access to multiple water supplies ensures we can meet customer demand and cater for a growing population,” he said.

As the water supply is changed to the Rosslynne Reservoir, Western Water customers may notice a slight change in taste.

“This is considered normal and is due to the variation of water source,” Mr Holt said.

“All the drinking water we supply is safe, healthy to drink and meets the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.”

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