VicHealth welcomes proposed landmark e-cigarette legislation

VicHealth has welcomed the introduction of landmark e-cigarette legislation on March 21, that it said will position Australia as a world leader in the fight against big tobacco and big vape.

VicHealth said it strongly supports the new legislation that will bBan importation, domestic manufacture, supply, commercial possession and advertising of all non-therapeutic and disposable vapes for retailers under a single national framework.

The legislation will also introduce new offences and civil penalty provisions for retailers of non-therapeutic and disposable vapes, and ensure patient access to legitimate therapeutic vapes through pharmacy settings and under appropriate health practitioner supervision.

VicHealth chief executive Dr Sandro Demaio said this legislation is a critical step in protecting future generations of Australians from the harms of tobacco and nicotine.

“Big tobacco continues to find ways to undermine public health through increasingly sneaky marketing tactics,” he said.

“This new legislation ensures Australia will once again be a world leader in tobacco control.

“We commend Minister Butler’s continued advocacy and call on all sides of parliament to put our kids’ health above the profits of big vape and big tobacco by supporting this new legislation.

“This legislation highlights the urgency required to protect young people from e-cigarettes, which are specifically designed to appeal to young people and threaten to unravel decades of Australia’s hard work in tobacco control.”

VicHealth said it is committed to working alongside all levels of government to protect, educate and support a new generation of Australians from the dangers of nicotine addiction.

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