Vegan power helps Sabrina’s uphill battle

Sabrina Parrini will use the power of her vegan diet to scale great heights. Picture: Damjan Janevski

Romsey’s Sabrina Parrini is preparing to race up Australia’s tallest building for the second time as a vegan.

Ms Parrini, who credits the switch to an animal product-free diet for leaving her feeling less sluggish, has stepped up her training regime for this year’s Eureka Climb.

More than 2500 people have entered Sunday’s 88-floor event, which raises money for youth charity Whitelion and Interplast Australia.

Ms Parrini says weekly trips to the CBD for formal training arranged by event organisers have helped her preparation.

‘‘I’ve never done formal training like this, so that’s been really helpful, just to get you into that mindset,’’ she says.

‘‘In previous years I’ve just been going down Hanging Rock and doing a lot of training outdoors.

“But this year it’s included stairwells and that sort of thing.’’

Having previously competed as a vegetarian, Ms Parrini says her plant-based diet hasn’t hindered performance.

‘‘I feel a little bit sore the day after training, but it seems to disappear pretty quickly.’’

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