Unfinished business

Jack Medcraft is nominating again for council. Photo by Damjan Janevski. 217624_01

Jessica Micallef

Hume deputy mayor Jack Medcraft has re-nominated for the Jacksons Creek ward in this month’s council election.

Cr Medcraft said his top proities, if re-elected, wiould be to get the multi-level carpark built on Evans Street and to create a third road in and out of Sunbury.

“Precinct structure plans are approved, but they don’t take into account the traffic management,” he said.

“So we end up with all these cars merging into one lane and that’s a big issue.

“The Bulla Bypass has to move forward. People want to be able to get to Sunbury from Melbourne without a bottleneck.”

Cr Medcraft said the duplication of Sunbury Road and widening the Bulla Bridge were two projects that “definitely needed to be addressed.”

“Once the airport gets up and running again, and I think 30 per cent of Sunbury people work at the airport, you need to have access to get to the airport,” he said.

“We need to add another lane so you can have two lanes up in the morning and two lanes up in the evening.

“I have also been trying to get a smart bus from Melbourne to Sunbury and back and that needs to be done. Public transport needs to have that accessibility that people can catch a bus and go to the airport.”

Cr Medcraft said he was proud of the “huge projects” that were delivered in the Jacksons Creek ward over the past four years.

“The results are on the board and we have been able to deliver some huge projects in the last four years including the Hume Global Learning Centre and these projects wouldn’t have been completed if it hadn’t been for the councillors in Jacksons Creek,” he said.

“Judge my by what I have done and then make a decision.”