‘Tragic’ weekend on Victorian roads


A road policing blitz on the Melbourne Cup long weekend detected 109 offences in Hume and Macedon Ranges during the five day period.

Operation Furlong targeted high risk driving behaviour from Friday, November 3 and to November 7, with a particular focus on impaired and speeding drivers.

In Hume, there were 13 speeding offences, two unregistered vehicles, one drink driving offence, two disqualified drivers, one unlicensed driver, three offences of disobeying signs-signals, two mobile phone offences and one impoundment.

In the Macedon Ranges, police detected 46 speeding offences, 10 unregistered vehicles, two drink driving offences, four drug driving offences, one disqualified driver, one unlicensed driver and 16 offences of disobeying signs-signals and four seatbelt offences.

Across the state 8373 offences were detected, including a strike rate of one in 495 drivers caught over the blood alcohol limit.

Police said it was a “horrific” weekend on the roads with 13 deaths bringing the annual tally to a 15-year high.

Road Policing Assistant Commissioner Glenn Weir said the 251 lives lost on Victorian roads this year, which is more than the entirety of 2022, is tragic.

“With two months to go in the year, it is incredibly concerning that we find ourselves in this position,” he said.

“This should be a wake up call to everyone – don’t think that road trauma can’t happen to you, because it can.

“During Operation Furlong we still detected far too many motorists doing the wrong thing – whether speeding over the limit, using their mobile phone whilst driving, or driving whilst impaired.”