Thieves strike stores

Vandalism at Hidden Cafe. Photo: Supplied

By Jessica Micallef

Stores in Sunbury’s Link Arcade have again come under attack.

Thieves forced entry into three premises – Hidden Cafe, Nutbug and a hairdressing salon – about 4am last Thursday, smashing windows and stealing cash and goods.

It’s the third time in three months stores in the arcade have been targeted.

Hidden Cafe owner Martin Beamer said CCTV footage showed a male armed with a sledge hammer break into his store and steal a number of items. He believed there was also a female involved in the thefts.

“I looked at the CCTV footage. The male had a sledge hammer, that’s how he smashed the window and he came there for that purpose, to rob the premises,” Mr Beamer said.

“They took two big jars of biscuits, soft drink out of the fridge, and two containers of milkshake toppings. Maybe they’re going to open a cafe.”

Vandalism at Hidden Cafe. Photo: Supplied
Vandalism at Hidden Cafe. Photo: Supplied

He said the thieves also broke into surrounding shops.

“Windows were smashed there, they entered and they took cash and other items.

“The hairdresser was hit the most, they took a lot of stuff from there and … cash on the premises.”

Mr Beamer said the vandalism was costing him hundreds of dollars to replace the damaged windows.

He said the latest incident cost him a day’s business and $500 excess on his insurance.

“We have no choice but to fix it,” he said.

“We’ve yet to have the other one fixed from earlier this month. I am not going to do that yet until hopefully the vandal or vandals are caught.”

Mr Beamer said police visited the scene at 6.30am on Thursday but he was still dissatisfied with the police response.

“It’s totally ridiculous,” he said.

“There’s a population of nearly 40,000. There are four police in Sunbury, two on patrol and two at the station.”

In May, according to business owners, a group of young people were caught on camera firing marbles into store windows from the roofs of neighbouring buildings.

Mr Beamer said he believed the thieves on Thursday were not the same people who have targeted the store in the past.

Police have urged anyone with information to contact Sunbury police station on 9744 8111.