Supply switch changes water taste

By Jessica Micallef

Western Water customers in Lancefield and Romsey will experience a change in their water taste this month when their local water supply is switched.

The two towns have received water through a local supply system since November, but storage levels have dropped significantly during summer, resulting in a necessary water supply change.

The Lancefield Basin, currently at about 34 per cent capacity, will be supplemented by the Kerrie Reservoir and the local bore will be switched off.

Wright Reservoir is down to about 61 per cent capacity and will be supplemented by Rosslynne Reservoir.

As a result of the supply change, customers may notice a slightly different taste to their drinking water.

Western Water’s acting general manager, Paul Clark said a variation in taste was normal.

“All the drinking water we supply is safe, healthy to drink and meets the Australian Drinking Water
Guidelines,” he said.

“The change in taste experienced by some customers is normal as water from different sources can vary.”

According to Western Water, water from the Rosslynne Reservoir is fluoridated and is in line with the
Department of Health and Human Services requirements.

If you have questions about water fluoridation, call the Western Water on 1300 761 874.