Sunbury’s latest centenarian

Patrica Rigby with a letter from the King (supplied).

Sunbury has welcomed its latest centenarian, with celebrations kicking off on Sunday at a local restaurant.

Patrica Rigby turned 100-years-old on February 25, with her daughter crediting the milestone to stubbornness and resilience.

Patrica’s youngest daughter Helen Ure travelled to Victoria for the festivities and said her mother still lives by herself and has always been an independent person.

“She’s a very resilient lady, she’s been through a lot in her 100 years,” she said.

“She’s never been a drinker, she’s never smoked and [she has] a lot of resilience and a bit of stubbornness. She doesn’t have any secret diet.”

Originally from Brighton in the United Kingdom, Patrica immigrated to Australia in 1973 with her family.

“My eldest brother was living here at the time and we came to visit him and decided to move over here,” Helen said.

“We were living in Templestone and moved around a little bit and then settled in Sunbury.

“My dad, Derek Rigby, died in 2002, he was quite well known in Sunbury as he had a lot to do with the local radio station.”

Helen said some of her mother’s highlights include her time spent travelling in Europe with her husband.

“They’ve travelled quite a lot in their younger years, they used to take off in the caravan. They also had a holiday to Italy every year.”

Patrica was also a post-mistress in the UK and Australia. She has had five children, 10 grandchildren, five great grandchildren and one great great grandchild.

Zoe Moffatt