Sunbury theatre group pull at ‘Heart Strings’

BoilOver Performance Ensemble artists Connor, Andrew and Sarah, with creative arts assistants Jacquelyn Hughes and Karen Cleur (Damjan Janevski). 416850_01

Artists from the Sunbury-based inclusive theatre company, BoilOver Performance Ensemble, are getting ready to present their next production at the Bowery Theatre.

Titled ‘Heart Strings’, the performance is inspired by the artists’ own relationship experiences and explores the themes of courage and risk.

The performance represents the topic of love through the ‘red thread of fate’ – the theory that we are all connected to the people that we are destined to meet.

BoilOver, a program offered through Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health, is open to anyone over the age of 18 who has an interest in the performing arts and can be accessed through an NDIS plan.

BoilOver creative producer Carmen Maddison said the program helps participants to gain performing arts skills and experience.

“Our artists get the opportunity to develop their skills and their confidence each week. They work alongside other circus and acrobatic professionals who help push their boundaries of artistic expression as well as build their strength and flexibility,” Ms Maddison said.

BoilOver leader Savannah Coots said the concept for the production came from her own understanding of love

“Love is the thread that holds us and the universe together. It’s hard when you lose love – it becomes sadness. Sadness is to know grief and grief is how you know you loved.”

It will be performed at the Bowery Theatre in St Albans from July 18–20, with performances at 7pm on Thursday, 7pm on Friday and 2pm on Saturday


Oscar Parry