Sunbury resident to walk 138km for Camp Quality

Paula Glare trains in Sunbury. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

Paula Glare is gearing up to take on a 138-kilometre walk from Bendigo to Sunbury to raise money and awareness for children’s cancer charity Camp Quality.

The Sunbury resident plans to complete the trip in 24 hours, beginning in Ascot, Bendigo, at 9am on Friday, March 23, and walking through the night to reach Sunbury Bunnings on Saturday, March 24.

Ms Glare has been inspired to assist Camp Quality, a charity that cares for children with cancer and their families, by her “dear friend” Russell Wood, who was diagnosed with lung cancer almost three years ago.

Ms Glare said she wanted to help Russell’s family through a difficult time, but Russell insisted she instead help children going through similar circumstances.

“He thinks the most important thing in the world is kids,” she said.

She said her motto for the walk is: “Russ would if he could, but he can’t, so I will.”

Ms Glare hopes to generate awareness for what Camp Quality does for the community, and $10,000 in donations for its programs.

“Please give what you can so we can put a smile on Russell’s face, as well as [on the faces of] all those kids and families that the wonderful people at Camp Quality help,” she said.

Visit to donate.