Sunbury rallies for Mick

About 35 people gathered to show their support for Mick (supplied).

Sunbury residents united on Saturday in a snap protest against the sacking of local bus driver Mick Priest.

Just before noon, about 35 people gathered at the gates of Sunbury Coaches to show their support, along with the Transport Workers Union (TWU) who organised the rally.

The event was organised to protest Mick’s firing after taking a photo of a flooded bridge on Spavin Drive during Victoria’s January weather event.

TWU branch secretary Mike McNess said they will continue to fight to get justice for Mick.

“Today’s turnout is a testament to how outraged the local Sunbury community and people across the Labour movement are over this shocking decision,” he said.

“We had locals from across Sunbury and workers from aviation, freight, road transport and the gig economy turn out to show their full support for Mick.

“We will continue to fight this fight, not just for Mick, but for other hard-working dedicated transport workers that deserve justice.”

Mick said it was great to see the support for the community, especially from people who he didn’t know.

“I knew about five or six and the rest were people from the community who supported me,” he said.

“It was just overwhelming, I’ve never experienced anything like that before. It was really really humbling.

“[The situation] isn’t ideal. Ideally I’d like to be employed and getting a wage. Ideally I’d get my old job back but it’s not looking positive.”

Hawke MP Sam Rae was also in attendance, and Mick said it was great to have him there showing his support.


Zoe Moffatt