Sunbury man “manifest” big lotto win


By Oliver Lees

After years of trying to manifest a lucky draw, a Sunbury man has picked the right digits and won more than $829,000 in Saturday’s Tattslotto draw.

He said he couldn’t stop crying happy tears after receiving a call from Tattslotto this morning.

“This is fantastic. This is an absolute dream,” he said.

“You’ve made my year! My life! My hands won’t stop bloody shaking, and I can’t stop pacing the house.

“It’s so funny because last week I was at a coffee shop and I couldn’t stop staring at the TattsLotto sign that was out the front of a newsagency next door.

“I had been manifesting winning TattsLotto for a few years now, so I was just looking at the sign and imagining what it would be like to win.”

The man held one of the seven division one winning entries nationally, with each winner scoring $829,588.27.

He said he plans to use his prize to pay off his mortgage, buy a motorbike and travel around Australia with his partner.