Students recreate artefacts

Year 7 history studies created ancient civilisation artefacts as part of their curriculum 222733_03

Jessica Micallef

Students at Woodend’s Braemar College have taken a step back in time.

As part of their history curriculum, year 7 students created ancient civilisation artefacts after studying the civilisations of ancient China, Egypt and Indigenous Australians dating back to 65,000 BCE.

The college’s instructional leader for english and humanities, Sharon Hitti, said students had to recreate an artefact that was historically significant from the time.

“We ended up with Roman shields, we had Egyptian bracelets, laurel wreaths, some made coins and dice and some made Greek temples,“ she said.

“There were some masks, there was some pyramids and there was a model of an ancient Chinese house.“

Students got creative and used metal, cardboard, paper mache and wood to recreate artefacts from the past.

Teachers usually invite parents and the community into the college to show off the students’ hard work. But with COVID-19 restrictions, teachers had to think outside the box.

“We had them [artefacts] on display at the school and it was a bit of a waste because no one was able to see them … but we decided to send some to the Woodend Library,“ Ms Hitti said.

“It’s really good because we’ve had a few people in the area pop into the library. It’s a good way to get the kids’ work out there.

“The students really loved the project.”