“Significant’ achievement in challenging year

Cobi Oldcastle has been recognised as the dux for Sunbury Downs College (Supplied) 227622_01

Jessica Micallef

Jessica Micallef

Cobi Oldcastle has been recognised as the dux of Sunbury Downs College.

Cobi received an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) of 99.45, out of a possible 99.95.

She also received perfect study scores of 50 for biology and physical education.

Sunbury Downs College assistant principal – later years Michael Watson said Cobi’s result was an amazing outcome after an “extremely challenging“ year of remote learning.

“It was challenging for staff and students,“ Mr Watson said.

“A lot of the students and staff had to learn new skills because everything was online.

“A number of students also struggled because they weren’t getting that face-to-face learning.“

Mr Watson said it was not common for students to receive a study score of 50, but to receive two study scores of 50 was significant.

“Her maths teacher Matthew Gray provided a lot of support,“ he said.

“Not only with her learning, but also with the mental health support and the reassurance.

“We did weekly calls with students and check-in calls and Cobi said they were really helpful.

“Last year was unprecedented … let’s just hope that we don’t go down that road again.“