Sight of homeless inspire’s Sunbury cub to help

Hamish with Joey Scout leader Marlo Aisbett and CareWorks manager Michael Austin. Picture: Damjan Janevski

A family holiday to the United States not only opened Hamish Hunter’s eyes to the plight of people less fortunate – it inspired him to do something about it.

Needing to complete a ‘‘promise challenge’’ to progress to Scouts, the Sunbury cub came home and decided to collect food to help the town’s homeless and families doing it tough.

Hamish’s mother Kate smiled broadly last week as the eight-year-old handed over several shopping bags full of items, ranging from non-perishable food and long-life milk to toothbrushes and toiletries, to Sunbury-based support service CareWorks SunRanges.

‘‘Like other parents, we’ve always told him to eat his dinner because there’s many people who have to go without,’’ Ms Hunter says.

A trip to CareWorks’ storeroom led Hamish to discover that, even in Sunbury, there are many families who cannot afford to buy groceries.