Showing off their talent

By Jessica Micallef

Sunbury College students put their creative designs on show last month at their ninth annual Show Off exhibition.

Audiences were treated to an array of visual and colourful creations made by students from
all year levels in art subjects ranging from photography to studio arts.

College product design and technology teacher Lisa Wills said the exhibition offered a “multitude” of different mediums.

“There was a whole range of student work that was on display at the exhibition stage of Show Off,” she said.

“In the other section, there was a fashion parade.

“The fashion parade was organised, planned and produced by students in year 11 product design and technology textiles. They model their own unit one and two pieces.

“Anamalia was our theme. Students had to design a product based on an animal and they had to incorporate not only the animal design but a chosen cultural aspect as well.

“One girl used cow fabric … based on a cultural theme which was western. She had corduroy flared pants with a western style shirt of cow fabric.”

Show Off ran over two days, with more than 300 primary school pupils from neighbouring schools visiting the exhibition