Self Titled FM

Max Augoustakis and Zac Main at Sunbury Radio Station where they do a weekly segment called 'Self-Titled' (Damjan Janevski). 356860_08

For most high school students, Sunday night means dinners, homework, or hanging with friends, but for two young locals it means heading down to the radio station to host their weekly show.

Sunbury resident Zac Main, 18, and Diggers Rest resident Max Augoustakis, 17, have a passion for all things media and officially launched their show Self Titled FM on August 17.

“We started one day with Zac messaging me saying ‘hey do you want to be on a radio show together’,” Max said.

“Since then I think we’ve come a long way… I like where we are now… [the show is] 9pm to 11pm every Sunday.”

Zac said they both have a great passion for the community and have received a very positive response to their show.

“Sunbury Radio were very open and polite and kind to us, making us feel at home,” he said.

“We did a lot of training to get prepared and then we went officially on the air on August 17 with our first show.

“A lot of people listened and were very grateful… we have had a lot of positive Instagram messages.

Zac said they play a range of music on the show and they both hope to enter the media industry after school.

“We play a lot of music that you typically wouldn’t hear… a lot of everything, everything from every side of the room.

“In my future I want to aim towards filmmaking and the media field… My dream is to do some directing.”

Max added, “they are usually songs that mean a lot to us. I’m interested in both filmmaking and radio, I enjoy them both, it’s good I can find something I enjoy.”


Zoe Moffatt