School upgrade a step closer


By Oliver Lees

Diggers Rest Primary School is one step closer to getting a new look, following the appointment of an architect to upgrade its facilities.

After a selection process including three candidates, Geelong-based Kelly Architects, whose work is primarily in education, was selected for the design job.

Architect Jake Kelly said although the project is in the early stages he’s looking forward to bringing it to life.

“Part of the early work is understanding what is going on and getting a sense of what the school’s priorities are,” he said.

“For us, it’s about supporting schools and communities that will be appreciative of the effort that goes into them.

“[We] should be able to make something really great.”

The project is part of a $3.2 million upgrade facilitated by the department of education.

Currently Diggers Rest Primary School is the only school located in the suburb.

Mr Kelly said part of the design process will be focused on increasing capacity and will work closely to reflect the school’s identity.

“The school grounds are currently suitable for around 250 to 300 kids and our design is earmarked to accommodate around 500 students,” he said.

“I sensed they want the kids and the whole community to have a sense of ownership of the school.

“It seems to be a school where the students feel a lot of ownership and respect for the place and not every school is like that.”