Say hello to Sunbury

Left to right Jim Lang, Hans Mettbach,Peter Donlon and Hector Bugeja. Pic: Marco De Luca

By Jessica Micallef

Sunbury residents are saying hello to their community.

Sunbury Community Health group Together Sunbury has come up with a campaign called Just Say Hello to encourage friendliness in the neighbourhood.

Community Health board of directors chair Peter Donlon said the campaign is a result of a group member’s experience of walking in Williamstown, saying ‘hello’ to people in the street.

Mr Donlon said he wanted to replicate this in Sunbury.

“We’ve got a nice friendly community …when you’re walking your dog or walking with your friends, just say hello,” Mr Donlon said.

“It’s a little project to help build community.”

Mr Donlon said there was a similar process on social media. Locals can use the hashtags #JustSayHelloSunbury, #LoveSunbury and #TogetherSunbury to spread the campaign.

He said the group will be handing out postcards throughout Sunbury and at local events to encourage people to just say hello.